Update - Fuel, Accommodation, Routes, and meal bookings.

Post date: Jan 17, 2013 12:00:40 AM

Just an update regarding the ADV team for the weekend.


  • Looks like we have issues at Middlemarch with fuel.
    • ( don't see it happening with talking with locals over the weekend but hey by March it could be sorted).
  • I think we can say that if your bike can not do 200- km in the hills or open road then you have to carry 5 liters to enjoy the day .


  • The ride is looking more like 300-440 km with plenty of mixture of surfaces thrown in.
    • (Have even found a river crossing that is very slippery when wet).
  • Everything may change on day pending on the weather.
    • (As even pre riding the local farms with the grass growth covering the ruts from winter it's hard going
  • If you can't find a friend to ride with no issues as we can match and batch on the day.
    • (Smaller groups that can do the corner man system may work).
  • There is no pressure on rushing to Wedderburn the Route has been planned for an easy - lazy - scenic day and be of the road by 4 pm.
    • (but with some bad bits thrown in for those who wish for a bit of a challenge)
  • Start time will be 8 am ish.
  • The private land bits will be marked our with arrows.
  • Route sheets will be given to those pre booked once we do a final pre ride.
    • (looking at the first week of Feb for this)

Accommodation & Food:

  • Hope everyone has booked their accommodation.
  • Meals we really need to know by Feb 5 th for the meal numbers.

Cheers Noel Holmes.