MotoFoto 2014/15 Competition


Watch the slideshow from the MotoFoto Presentation.

MotoFoto 2015 21 April with overall winner.pptx

You can enter as many photos as you like but all photos must contain a motorcycle of some kind, somewhere in the shot.

Email your entries to

Entries close on the 29th March 2015 at 12.00pm

Categories are;





Rules and Conditions:

  1. The judge’s decision is full and final, and not open to any discussion or question.
  2. The OMCC may in its sole discretion change the rules at any time.
  3. Photos submitted after the closing date will not be entered.
  4. The OMCC reserves the right to disqualify photos if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that a fraudulent photo has been submitted.
  5. You may submit as many entries as you wish.
  6. You give your consent for the OMCC to print, publish or display your photo in any media they choose.
  7. Every photo must include a motorcycle in the frame.
  8. Entries must be accompanied with;
    1. Your name.
    2. Location photo was taken.
    3. Date photo taken.
    4. Category you wish to enter.
    5. Photo must be your own, photos downloaded from "internet" will not be accepted.
    6. Eligibility for prizes requires current OMCC membership.