Lyndon Poskitt from Races to Places, Dunedin, New Zealand

6:00 pm - Saturday, 13th February 2016

OMCC Clubroom - 3 Clark Street, Dunedin.

  • See Lyndon Poskitt (Pyndon) and his 690 Rally bike live Saturday 13th February at the OMCC clubrooms.
  • Arrival at 6 pm, presentation starts at 7 pm and finishes around 10 pm.
  • We need the numbers for it to be viable so buy a ticket and come and hear and see something special.
  • Lyndon will even start the 690 up in the clubrooms; you can sit on it too. (Pretty good considering it's a $60,000 Rally bike.)
  • The 690 has twin pipes and sounds gorgeous.
  • Bring your partner/husband/wife/neighbor!

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An evening with me, Lyndon Poskitt from Races to Places. Come and hear my story of how I travel around the world from country to country and race to race on my trusty steed, a KTM730 Factory Rally bike known as Basil. However, it's not all about motorcycles, and there is a vast mix of fun and interesting stories, and I promise you an informative, high action evening with lots of pictures and videos. Motorcycle enthusiast or not, from previous shows it has proven to appeal to all.

If you don't know me, here is a little bit about me. I raced the Dakar Rally in 2013 with a respectable finish and had since then I left my job of 17 years behind, sold everything I owned and converted one of my race bikes into a travel/adventure bike and set off around the world, racing international cross country races on the same bike.

I have a free to view documentary about my travels on YouTube called Races to Places, and you can find all the episodes and picture galleries here:

A donation of $30 towards the continuation of the free documentary secures a seat for the evening.

Tickets here, please bring your receipt on the night.

Seats are limited and be sure to share this event with your friends or anyone you think might be interested in helping spread the word.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you and having a fun evening together.