Partners and Pillions 2019

After a rainy Friday evening Saturday dawned beautiful and clear and Sara and I packed up the bike and headed down to the OMCC clubrooms to meet up with the rest of the Partners and Pillioners.

After a quick disclaimer of responsibility from Noel the non-organiser and the worlds smallest set of directions we headed off.

Out through town to Brighton and Taieri Mouth where the air had a decidedly chilly feel to it then up over the hill to Waihola where we headed south through Milton then turned off at Crichton and headed out through Lovells flat to Kaitangata where everyone had their coal fires blazing on a sunny but chilly morning. A short trip back to Balclutha for a quick top up of petrol for the bikes and hot chocolates and coffees for the riders at the Cafe 55.

Next stage was to head north across the Balclutha bridge and hang a left and follow the river via Clutha Valley Road toward Greenfield where we passed some old bikes participating in the Balclutha VCC Clutha run including a few Dunedin locals who waved back at us despite being mounted on a modern(ish) contraption. The weather was warm now and just perfect conditions for cruising along enjoying the scenery, we turned at Greenfield and Clydevale then headed up the Clutha River Road to Beaumont, Heading up through the trees towards Beaumont is a beautiful ride despite it always having a disconcerting mossy strip on the road.

Back onto the main road at Beaumont where Noel and Julie were waiting for us, as we were most definitely in sightseeing mode. A short burst on the main road and then turn across the bridge at Millers Flat and up the Teviot Road towards Roxburgh where we let the Ducati clear it's throat and stretch it's legs a bit. A very brief stop to say hello to Sara's parents (without even getting off the bike) and then up to regroup with everyone at the top of the dam.

A short trip on the main road again to Butchers Dam and then turn off at Conroys Road, through Earnscleugh and onto Clyde for petrol and Lunch at the Post Office Cafe where Derek and Raewyn joined us after a spot of KTM fuel system issues after fitting some new petrol tanks earlier on.

After a nice Lunch we suited back up and headed off up the Cromwell Gorge past Cromwell and then through Tarras and over the Lindis Pass which is alaways a great ride and all without encountering very much traffic.

When we arrived at our destination Omarama the lady at reception told us our rooms weren't quite ready so she let us put our helmets and gear in the office so we didn't have to carry them with us while we went to the local establishment for a couple of lemon squashes.

After said Lemon squashes and some relaxation we headed back to the Hotel where everyone got spruced up and we walked off down to the Pink Glider for tea. The ladies that ran the place were really hard cases, they had to be because everyone in our group who ordered a drink said their name was Derek, i'd hate to be that guy Derek he must have had a huge bill at the end of the night! Lots of laughs and catching up with old friends and a nice meal topped the day off nicely.

In the morning we all suited up and headed back to the Pink Glider for breakfast where they had quite a few patrons and only two staff on, so Sara offered to help behind the counter taking orders and delivering meals, the ladies said she could stay and i could come back up at easter to pick her up.

After a nice breakfast we headed off, a group had already headed back over the Lindis and the rest of us headed back towards Otematata, some of the adventure guys were going to make a detour over the Danseys Pass home.

Sara and I detoured off at Otematata across the Benmore Dam down the back road seeing basically no traffic until coming round one corner to find a ute with a boat trailer coming towards us taking up a fair portion of the road, three cyclists heading the same way as us and a wallaby sitting on the side of the road, luckily the wallaby sat still, the cyclists stayed in line and the ute didnt come across any further so that was enough excitement for one day.

We joined back onto the main road after crossing the Aviemore Dam and headed through Kurow and Duntroon turning off and heading through Tokarahi, Tapui and out to join the main road at Maheno.

From here it was a quiet run back home via the main road with the skies pretty grey and threatening but not actually raining until a brief shower at the top of the Northern Motorway.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend it was just what the doctor ordered, can't wait for the next one.

Gary Winter