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Blake Fox @ The O.M.C.C. Monthly

posted Mar 12, 2014, 3:53 AM by Nigel Tomkins

Blake Fox will be joining us for the March monthly meeting.

Monday 24th March 2014, 7:30pm.

Blake will be talking about his first ever World Trials Championship event (held in Australia) and how this led him on to to ride more World Trials Championship events.  His 2013 campaign in Europe where he finished in the top 15 in most events. He was Based in Spain and rode in many countries (Spain, Andorra, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain and France).   Blake got to meet and ride with a legend of Trials Dougie Lampkin. Dougie is seven time World Trials Champion. He will talk about representing New Zealand in the Trial Des Nations, and what he's aiming for and where he's going in 2014 season. 

Blake will also have his World Trials Championship spec. bike for your viewing pleasure.

Some of Blake's achievements:

  • 2008 New Zealand Junior Champion.
  • 2012 Australian Youth Champion.
  • 2012 A-grade Victorian Champion.
  • 5th New Zealand Expert Rider.
  • Top finish of 14th in the 2013 World Trials Championships.
  • Part of the 2013 New Zealand Trial Des Nation Team.