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Adventure Notes - Benbrae:

posted Feb 27, 2014, 12:42 AM by Nigel Tomkins

Club ride Saturday – Sunday and Monday if you have anniversary day off.

Adventure ride to Benbrae will be leaving Saturday Morning early maybe and heading towards Cardrona valley.
It’ll be a club ride but it will be a long day but as we done in the past we can split into groups and meet along the way.
I think for this ride I don’t have to map it out on paper we will make it work on the day once we see the number of entries.
Sunday we have a few choices as some of us have Monday off re: Anniversary day are looking at heading into the hills over the snow farm –Pisa conservation area then heading out and down towards the roaring Meg then continue south maybe.
Speaking with Tony up that way who has done a bit of leg work already for us., the snow season has started up on top which would close down this area for us.
So not sure where we will end up Sunday night .  “Put your plans and idea’s forward."
Plus don’t forget to go the club website to book your accommodation it’s a great deal being offered at Benbrae .