The ¼ Mile at Kirks Drain Road is back 
on Wednesday 17th October at 5.30 pm

DIRECTIONS : From SH1 south of Allanton, turn right onto Henley-Berwick Road (@ Sinclair Wetlands Sign 13km), turn right on to Bull Creek Road, left on to Marshall Road , right on to Kirks Drain Road.

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Kirks Drain 1/4 Mile 2018

MNZ Licence Required - One event licences available.

To speed things up at the event, and ensure that riders get as many runs as possible before dark, we plan to have sign in at the OMCC Clubrooms, 3 Clark Street, Dunedin, for those that can make it, from 5.30 pm until 6.30 pm. on Tuesday 16th October.

For those that can’t make sign in on the Tuesday, you can do this at 5.30 pm on Wednesday 17th at Kirks Drain Road, Where sign in will be immediately followed by Riders Briefing.

Bring to sign in:
  • MNZ Licence if you have one, ensure you have written the event details in it
  • If you don’t hold an MNZ licence, you will need a one-event licence in order to ride this event
  • If you haven’t already entered and pre-paid, payment can be made via the OMCC website for secure payment, or you can pay by cash or eft-pos.
  • Ensure you have a current membership card with you, to a MNZ affiliated club, note OMCC memberships expired 1/10/18, so you can renew prior to the event or at the clubrooms on the Tuesday.
  • Bring with you the helmet you will be wearing as well as your back protector and chest protector, this will be checked. The balance of your personal riding gear will be checked, along with your bike at the event
So if you know of anyone who couldn’t make it to the original date, pass this information on to them. Your mates might like to come and watch.
If you have entered and are unable to make this revised date, please contact
If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

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Supplementary Regulations

    Supplementary Regulations

    1. Sign in:
      1. 8.30 am at the start line.
      2. Please do not be late
      3. Riders Briefing to follow.
      4. Note:
        1. MNZ Licence or one event licence required
        2. MNZ one event licences available at sign in at a cost of $30.00 ea
        3. Please remember to bring MNZ licence, and Club membership card to scrutineering.
    2. Who?
      1. All welcome, 
      2. with appropriate safety gear and bike, 
      3. (back protectors compulsory).
    3. Entries 
      1. Day entries accepted at organisers discretion
      2. Post to Otago Motorcycle Club, PO Box 1160, Dunedin.
      3. Enquiries to: 
    4. Cross Entries
      1. As this is a Non-championship event, we’ve decided to allow cross entering between classes where applicable. (i.e. a 250 will be able to run in the 500cc class)
      2. This is dependent on the number of entries and time constraints, and will be at the discretion of the OMCC.

    On day machine examination checks ...

    • Front Tyre; No cuts/splits. Inflated. Valve cap on.
    • Wheels; No damage. Spokes tight, none broken.
    • Axle, pinch bolts, disc bolts tight/secure
    • Brakes; Lever action. Pad wear/pins secure. Hoses ok.
    • Handle Bars; Securen plugged. Ball ends on levers.
    • Throttle; Returns, not sticky.
    • Steering; head bearings tight. Lock to lock unimpeded Steering damper secure.
    • Fairings; Secure. Glass/mirrors removed taped.
    • Engine; No oil, fuel or coolant leaks.
    • Tank, seat, foot pegs, secure.
    • Exhaust; secure. Baffle secure/wired.
    • Final Drive; Chain joining link & tension. Sprockets secure.
    • Rear Tyre; No cuts/splits. Inflated. Valve cap on.
    • Wheels; No damage. Spokes tight, none broken.
    • Rear Brakes. Lever action. Pad wear/pins secure. Hoses Ok
    • Axle, callipers & rod bolts tight/secure.

    DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: To The Otago Motorcycle Club Inc, and Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.

    1. I have read the Supplementary Regulations* for this Competition and agree to be bound by them and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, the MNZ Constitution, and the MNZ Code of Conduct.
    2. I am aware that the sport of Motorcycle Competition might cause
      1. me injury; serious or otherwise
      2. damage my property. 
    3. I wish to take part in the Otago Motorcycle Club Kirks Drain Road Quarter Mile despite the above risks. 
    4. Neither I, or anyone associated or connected with me will make any claim against you or your officers, employees or agents in respect of: 
      1. any injury suffered by me; or 
      2. any damage to any of my property regardless of how the injury or damage occurs. 
    5. I will indemnify you against all claims, damages or losses (including costs) which you incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury to me or damage to my property. 
    6. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in the sport of Motorcycle Competition.
    7. I am aware that this disclaimer will not affect any legal obligations you have to me which you cannot contract out of under NZ Law. 
    8. I agree that in this disclaimer “my property” includes any property owned by me or in my possession or under my control. 
    9. I agree that this disclaimer will be binding on my family, my heirs, my legal assigns and my administrators and executors. 
    10. I accept that stripping and re-assembly for Technical Checks are at my cost. 
    11. I consent to the details contained in this form being held by the Otago Motorcycle Club for the purpose of the promotion and the benefit of the race meeting concerned, and Motorcycling in general. I acknowledge my right to access and correction of this information. The consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. 
    12. MNZ supports the FIM/IOC Charter on drugs in Sport. MNZ uses the services of Drug-Free Sport NZ and other agencies to professionally carry out the testing. I acknowledge by signing this form I may be subjected to a drug/alcohol test at any time. I agree to such testing. I further agree that my name can be published by MNZ as having taken part in a drug/alcohol test together with the results of that testing. 
    13. I confirm that my machine complies with any technical rule(s) set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport and/or the Supplementary Regulations and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is in safe working order and fit for competition.

    DIRECTIONS : From SH1 south of Allanton, turn right onto Henley-Berwick Road (@ Sinclair Wetlands Sign 13km), turn right on to Bull Creek Road, left on to Marshall Road , right on to Kirks Drain Road

    Nigel Tomkins,
    Oct 4, 2018, 2:32 AM