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Hill Climb


Sunday 26th August


View live timing here:


Law Road Results 2018

Entry fee $70 per rider. (One event licences $30.00 please note that this event does not qualify for free one event licences).

This event is part of the OMCC Tri-Series, if competing in all 3 events, please refer to the Tri-Series entry form at

Class cross entries allowed where applicable.


  • Up to 250cc
  • Up to 500cc
  • Up to 750cc
  • Open
  • Pre 89

Enquiries to:


To: The Otago Motorcycle Club Inc, and Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.
  1. I have read the Supplementary Regulations* for this Competition and agree to be bound by them and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, the MNZ Constitution, and the MNZ Code of Conduct. *Supplementary regulations also available at
  2. I am aware that the sport of Motorcycle Competition might a) cause me injury; serious or otherwise b) damage my property. I wish to take part in the Otago Motorcycle Club Law Road Hill Climb despite the above risks.
  3. Neither I, or anyone associated or connected with me will make any claim against you or your officers, employees or agents in respect of: a) any injury suffered by me; or b) any damage to any of my property regardless of how the injury or damage occurs.
  4. I will indemnify you against all claims, damages or losses (including costs) which you incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury to me or damage to my property.
  5. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in the sport of Motorcycle Competition.
  6. I am aware that this disclaimer will not affect any legal obligations you have to me which you cannot contract out of under NZ Law.
  7. I agree that in this disclaimer “my property” includes any property owned by me or in my possession or under my control.
  8. I agree that this disclaimer will be binding on my family, my heirs, my legal assigns and my administrators and executors.
  9. I accept that stripping and re-assembly for Technical Checks are at my cost.
  10. I consent to the details contained in this form being held by the Otago Motorcycle Club for the purpose of the promotion and the benefit of the race meeting concerned, and Motorcycling in general. I acknowledge my right to access and correction of this information. The consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
  11. MNZ supports the FIM/IOC Charter on drugs in Sport. MNZ uses the services of Drug Free Sport NZ and other agencies to professionally carry out the testing. I acknowledge by signing this form I may be subjected to a drug/alcohol test at any time. I agree to such testing. I further agree that my name can be published by MNZ as having taken part in a drug/alcohol test together with the results of that testing.
  12. I confirm that my machine complies with any technical rule(s) set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport and/or the Supplementary Regulations and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is in safe working order and fit for competition.

Supplementary Regulations

  1. Sign in: 8.30 am at the start line on Law Road approximately 100 metres up from the intersection with State Highway 1.
    1. Please do not be late
    2. Riders Briefing to follow
    3. Note:
      1. -MNZ one event licences available at sign in at a cost of $30.00ea. Please note that this event does not qualify for free one event licences *******Please remember to bring MNZ licence, LTSA Licence and Club membership card to machine checks.
  2. Who? 
    1. All welcome, with appropriate safety gear and bike, (both back protectors and front protectors are compulsory).
    2. Note: 
      1. All helmets available in New Zealand are manufactured overseas. These are made to various standards. The following standards are acceptable for helmets for use in MNZ events:
        1. Road AS/NZS 1698:2006
        2. Europe ECE 22-05, ‘P’
        3. Japan JIS T 8133:2007 (valid until 31/12/2019)
        4. JIS T 8133:2015
        5. USA SNELL M2010 (valid until 31/12/2019)
        6. SNELL M2015
      2. Camera mounts on any part of the motorcycle are subject to the approval of the machine examiner. No accessories of any type may be mounted to the helmet, goggles, or any part of the riders head protection. Aftermarket accessories mounted to OEM mount points are not allowed. OEM equipment is allowed.
      3. Chest Protectors –The Rule applies – From January 1st 2018, a certified chest protector of composite material must be worn at all times.
        1. The amnesty applies to the standard – as long as you are wearing a chest protector as described above, you will be allowed to race. The amnesty will remain in place until the EU standard is confirmed and FIM requirements are updated. We don’t know when that’s likely to happen but we will ensure you receive adequate notice before the standard is reintroduced as part of the rule.
        2. If you need to purchase a chest protector, look for 
          1. prEN1621-3 Level 2.
  3. Entries:
    1. Entries close 5pm Thursday 23rd August 2018 (Day entries accepted at organisers’ discretion)
    2. Post to Otago Motorcycle Club, PO Box 1160, Dunedin or online at
    3. Enquiries to: 
      1. Trev Farquharson 
        1. Ph 021 311 937
  4. Cross Entries
    1. As this is a Non championship event, it is one of the events being run as part of the Otago Motorcycle Club Tri Series 2018, we’ve decided to allow cross entering between classes where applicable. (i.e. a 250 will be able to run in the 500cc class.
    2. This will allow plenty of runs for each rider; however this will be dependant on the number of entries and time constraints, and will be at the discretion of the OMCC.